Sunday, March 16, 2014

Emotion in Photography

The events currently occurring in the Ukraine are tragic and are sure to be remembered. However they are showing some very moving journalism photography that demonstrates clearly the ability for good photographers to spark an emotion in every viewer
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Demonstrators stand on barricades during clashes with riot police in Kiev on Feb. 18, 2014.
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This does open up a topic about how important emotion is in photography and in making an important, remembered photo. Journalism photography is unique in that it speaks to almost all viewers. For example an amazing image of a snowboarder doing a trick won't be acknowledged or appreciated if it was put it in a coffee shop in NYC, but the same image put in a ski lodge in Northern Vermont  might be the conversation piece of the room with everybody being able to connect with the image. So a photographer knowing this should not be discouraged by a particular audience not liking the image. They need to look at who does the image connect with and do they feel an emotion, but most of all do you look at the image and feel a connection with the subject.
    This even comes around to the marketing aspect of photography. When you share an image or put it in your portfolio you need to know that image represents you no matter how far back it is in the gallery or book. If the image is there then you can't expect to get business that isn't related to the subject of the image.

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Would you expect to get hired by a mountain biking magazine with a entire portfolio of images similar to this with a few great mountain biking photos thrown in, no but the same portfolio showed to a bride-to-be and she might not be able to refuse because she is so touched.


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