Sunday, March 16, 2014

8 Pros & Cons to Winter Photography

When you look outside you might not want to get out of your cozy house. But when you go outside fantastic images will await. Here are 8 tips that are sure to help you prepare for all your winter adventures

1. Use of Negative Space (pro)

You can see the N. Space above and below the subjects
       In the summer you might find it harder to not to over clutter you images with grass, leaves or any objects that you will find on the ground during summer. In the winter simplifying your images was never easier if there is a blanket of snow covering it all up. You no longer need to rely on the sky for negative space. 

     2. Cold (con)

       This is as obvious as it is blunt, but a problem that is easily solved with preparation. Hand warmers or comfy pockets solve any immediate problems but a pair of glove liners will make a world of a difference for extended use. Also wool socks are always a bonus.

     3. Crowds (pro)

     Depending on what you intend to shoot you will find that most locations are generally emptier as everyone is inside enjoying the warmth of home (You'll be there soon).

     4. Subject Willingness (con)

     If you intend to shoot people you may find that they will not enjoy the weather as mush as you do. Everybody knows that you should always try and keep the model happy, try multiple breaks in a building nearby or bring a thick blanket.

     5. Subjects schedule (pro)

    If shooting people there schedules might be easier to work with in the winter.

     6. Battery life (con)

     This is a problem that might sneak up on you without you realizing it. Most DSLR's have excellent battery life but if they are not fully charged you might find them dying much faster than you expected. You can solve this by keeping any extra's close to your body in an interior pocket.

     7. Moisture (con)

        With all this water around you are bound to find snow or water in your bag or on your camera. You can combat this problem with multiple Len's cloths, separate ones for your body and lens, and just being careful where you put your bag. When you come inside the the moisture might condense on/in your camera many photographers will put there camera in a plastic bag which will work. Also many times I will just zip up my bag and open it only after the interior has slowly warmed to room temp.

     8. Pride

    This might sound silly but any photographer will tell you that the harder you work for an image or the more you suffered to get it made the prouder and happier you will be with it.

    So if you muster the will power to go out and brave the cold there are fantastic images to be made.    


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